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South America Grooves Vol.1


Bass Loops

Groove Loops

Music Loops

Percussion Loops

Percussion Chants

Percussion Hits


Top Loops

Kick Loops


Check what you can find inside this pack before you buy it.

NOTE: This demo contains only a small number of samples from the full-size pack.


We go to the beautiful and musical rich South America to bring you sounds and vibes of these amazing cultures. We are so proud of this series and we can say one thing for sure. You need to have these sounds in your sound library if you want to be unique and fresh. A lot of these loops will be great for you to start new tracks and complete some of your old projects. Music loops in this pack can be a lead element in your tracks and also you can use them as little add-ons that will boost your track. Don`t wait or miss this one, lots of top charted tracks will have these sounds in the future. Be smart and we assure you that you will have a lot of fun with these sounds like we had to create them.

This series will have 3 parts so more amazing stuff coming soon.

Image by Drew Beamer
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