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Spada Sounds

Spada Sounds Box copy.png

3 Full Track Projects (Ableton)

Projects Include:

 3 Full Ableton project (Ableton 11 Als file)

Full Stems Wav Files


Single Shots

Sylenth Presets
Serum Presets

Mp3 Full Mix

Total Files - 263 / 2.37GB

Produced by Spada

This product is discounted at 
  • Spotify
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Facebook
  • Beatport
Project 1 Preview
Project 2 Preview
Project 3 Preview

Check what you can find inside this pack before you buy it.

NOTE: Free download demo contains only a small number of samples from the full-size pack.

We are very excited about this release.  This time, we manage to bring you the sound of the superstar!

Please welcome Spada, a Gold Records Awarded producer.

He brings to you his signature sounds with 3 Ableton projects. Everything you hear in the preview demo, from presets, shots, loops, melodies, automation, arrangement, and mix is included in this sample pack. Full-length tracks with stems and project files will help you to start your tracks and to boost your inspiration. Take a look at the complete workflow and technics of the top charts producer such as Spada.

Image by Drew Beamer
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