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Tech House Vocals

Tech House Vocals Phrases, Loops, Words | Free Download C-V SAMPLES

Dry Female Vocals

127 Phrases and Sentences (With Different Variations)

41 Single Words (With Different Variations)

9 Vocal Loops

17 Vocal Add-Ons

Total Files - 239

This product is discounted at 
Full Preview
Phrases Preview
Word Preview
Vocal Loop Preview
Add- Ons Preview

Check what you can find inside this pack before you buy it.

NOTE: Free download demo contains only a small number of samples from the full-size pack.

Are you tired of overused vocals?

We are here to help.

We teamed up with two professional female vocalists (Ana and Dea) and recorded a unique vocal session just for you.

You can find a number of custom phrases, sentences, words, and vocal fils for your tracks.

We designed them for Tech House but these vocals can be used for any genre.

We also did different takes for some words and sentences.

This will be one of many to come from these two great singers.

Stay around and do not miss it.

If you liked the voice of these two vocalists, you can contact us and get a custom vocal session.

Contact us at

Image by Drew Beamer
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