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Latin Horns & Flutes

Latin Horns Clean.png

3 Construction Kits + MIDI

Flutes Melodies (with MIDI)

Latin Horns Melodies (with MIDI)

Vocal Loops

Drum Shots (Kicks, Percussions, Claps, Snares & Hats)


Top Loops


250 MB / 211 Samples

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Check what you can find inside this pack before you buy it.

NOTE: This demo contains only a small number of samples from the full-size pack.

Latin vibes arrive at our label.

And no better producer to create it than the master of sample pack, Vlad Rusu. In this masterpiece, you can find unique and fresh catchy melodies for Horns and Flutes. Also, there are 3 useful construction kits to help you kick your inspiration. And don`t worry, we know how our customers love our drums so in this pack you can find kicks, percussions, claps, snares, and hats plus groove top loops. And that is not all, need vocals? We got you, we have vocal loops inside too.
So don`t wait to grab this lovely pack perfect for all kinds of genres.

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