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Algerian Flavours

Algerian Flavours.png

Algerian Drums

Algerian Instruments

Algerian Drum Loops

Zakfreestyler Loops

Percussion Hits

Kicks, Snares and Claps


Piano Melodies

Samples from “Divolly & Markward & Zakfreestyler – Wicked”

Bonus Samples


129 MB / 302 Files

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Check what you can find inside this pack before you buy it.

NOTE: This demo contains only a small number of samples from the full-size pack.

Do you need a taste of Algerian Flavours?

Search no more. We find the perfect producer for this job. We are thrilled that we can finally release a sample pack produced by Zakfreestyler from major labels such as Sosumi and Flamingo. As soon as Zakfreestyler joined our family, we had the idea because he is from Algeria to bring his culture and sounds to our label and he was great to make it happen. In this special one of the kind pack, you can find Algerian drum loops, instruments, vocals, drum hits, and more. Also inside you will get bonus files by Zakfreestyler and samples from the track “Zakfreestyler, Divolly & Markward – Wicked”. This pack is the perfect fit for our label goal, to release unique and special sounds witch you can`t find on other labels.

Pay even less for this product
Image by Drew Beamer
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